Best Christmas Gifts for Mum

Are you awaiting the Christmas season this year? Christmas is the time of festivity and celebration all around. Whether you are spending time with your family or celebrating the occasion all alone, exchanging gifts for the festive season adds a high level of fun & exhilaration to the event.

When it comes to giving gifts or celebrating a festival, moms are known to always come first. She is your confidante and your best friend. While your mother has been through it all, she deserves the best -especially on special occasions like the Christmas Eve. The good news is that you can come across a multitude of options when it comes to finding the perfect Christmas gift for your beloved mother. Whether you wish to go for something big or small, the size or cost of the gift does not matter. It is your ultimate notion of surprising your mother is something that will enhance the overall auspiciousness of the occasion.

Top Christmas Gift Options for Your Mother

When it is the festive season around, pick a gift that brings out a wide smile across the lovely face of your mother. Spend some quality time in her company, and give her the most special gift for Christmas this festive season.

For your ease, we have tailor-made a list of the top Christmas gift ideas for your mum:

• JD Williams Discount Codes: Does your mom love shopping online? The chances are that she might be a big-time fan of the expansive JD Williams store online. Whether or not she is aware of the massive online store, giving her the special JD Williams 25 off first order voucher can be a great option. Using this online voucher, your lovely mother can browse through the large online store to get access to a vast collection of essentials -ranging from the latest wardrobe must-haves to beauty products, a wide selection of fashionable clothing, and so more.

• Temperature-Controlled Mug: Is your mother a big-time caffeine lover? Make sure that her favorite beverage does not chill out too soon by giving away a specialized, temperature-controlled coffee mug. You can come across a huge variety of temperature-controlled coffee mugs out there. Choose from the wide selection of such mugs -ranging in specialized features, color, material, and so more.

• Family Portrait: The chances are that you might be living away from your family. There is no denying the fact that it is a hard time for your mother. A mother only knows the pain of children living away -especially on special moments of life like the Christmas Eve. Whether or not you are present at home for this Christmas, enhance the maximum feel of the occasion by gifting a family portrait to your mother. Go for a customized design and make sure that the portrait features the recent photographs of your family members. It is undeniably going to be one of the most special souvenirs at your family home.

• Personalized Cutting Board: Is your mother a cooking enthusiast? As your mother loves gathering the entire family for special dinners on the Christmas Eve, give her the opportunity to enhance her overall cooking experience with the help of a personalized cutting board. Preferably, you can go for getting your mother’s name or initials embarked on the wooden cutting board to offer it a personalized touch. Your mum is going to love it while using the same for her day-to-day cooking inspirations.

• A Designer Handbag: Offer your mother the comfort of strolling around in ultimate security and fashion with the help of a designer handbag that goes along with her fashion statement. Browse through a wide collection of high-couture handbag series available online. Depending on your mother’s personal preference, choose the one that caters to her practical needs as well. Make the wisest selection of the color and material for improved functionality.

• A Smartwatch: A high-end smartwatch made out of rose gold is another special Christmas gift idea that you can take up. Surprising a girl or a lady with a beautiful watch is the all-time favorite gift idea for men out there. To top it all, a smartwatch is a trending must-have accessory for all out there. A smartwatch that is beautiful to wear on a daily basis while serving functional is a great option to surprise your mother with this Christmas.

• Smart Yoga Mat: If your mother loves working out, a smart yoga mat is only going to accelerate her exercise regimen. Look out for a yoga mat that is soft on the body while serving the purpose well. Make sure that the mat features a specialized interlocking mechanism for bundling up into a neat bundle.

Leave no stone unturned when it comes to surprising your mother this Christmas. Ensure that you make the occasion more special with a lovely gift!


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5 Reasons to Green Your Cosmetic Packaging

Why Being Eco-friendly is a Must in 2018

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. But when it comes to beauty packaging, the eyes of the customer can be easily lured into buying a product with an attractive design. The more instagrammable, the better. But that doesn’t come without other consequences, and the legacy that beauty packaging leaves behind is far from pretty. More than 120 billion units of packaging are produced every year by the global cosmetics industry. By 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the sea as well as 12 billion tonnes of plastic in landfills, the equivalent to 35,000 Empire State Buildings.
 Auber Packaging Why is this happening? Most of the beauty products in the market are a combination of different materials. Even when the packaging is made of plastic, it can in fact contain various percentages of different elements. That is why recycling these products can become a challenge even in more developed countries. Choosing packaging that is made by a single material can sensibly increase the recycle rate of beauty waste. In the case of polyethylene, for example, it is possible to reuse the same products almost endlessly without affecting the beauty and the properties of its packaging. Luckily for all beauty businesses out there, it is possible to find a great compromise to meet both standards of appealingness and design while protecting the environment. Why is this important? Promoting the social responsibility of your company doesn’t necessarily need to be trending against growing your business. If done correctly, the opposite is often true. Let’s see together 5 reasons for why investing in eco-friendly packaging for your beauty products can be one of the best strategies to be competitive in this market.

1.Limited resources It would be great to live in a place where resources are not limited, but this is not the case of our planet. It is essential to re-use and recycle as many times as possible, and that is possible with packaging made of polyethylene. Several Fortune 500 companies are also using the consumer concerns about health and the environment as an additional selling point for their products. L’Oréal, for example, started some years ago to collect empty containers from its consumers for recycling them. Cosmetic packaging manufacturers are investing in more environmental-friendly options, and some of them are doing a great job. That’s the case of Auber Packaging, which is a cosmetic tubes manufacturer with more than 14 years of experience. The production of theirPBL tubes (Plastic laminated tubes), andPE (Polyethylene) tubesfollows the three pillars known as the “three Rs”: Respect, Reduce, and Replace.

2.More competition Several years ago consumers had less access to information and could not compare that well the products of many companies. That is entirely different from now. When looking to buy a product, the average online user will search only on a few websites before taking a decision. On Google, the first domain listed on Page 1 gets just under a third ofoverall search traffic, while the seventh listing gets only 3.5 percent. Besides, in more advanced markets many products are offering similar benefits. If you want to buy nail polish or hand cream, you just need to go to a retailer or search online to find as many options as you wish. After having fulfilled the desires on the bottom of the Maslow’s pyramid of needs, consumers are nowadays looking for more advanced products and more sophisticated brand images.

3.Focus on Millennials and GenZ Often considered a cracked generation, Millennials, those who were born from 1977 to 1995, try to live more environmental-friendly lives. We can predict that by 2025 more than 65% of the European workforce will be composed of Millennials, whose purchase power will increase soon. The same is true for the Generation Z (the generation after Millennials), who are even more sensitive to the topic of environmental sustainability. A common characteristic of these two generations is that they would buy more from responsible brands and sustainability is for them a shopping priority. In a 2015 survey on30,000 consumers from 60 countries organized by Nielsen, 73% of Millennials said they would agree to pay more for products and services that come from companies that are committed to positive social and environmental impact.

4.Consumers want sustainable brands In 2017 a study from the BillerudKorsnäs consumer panel showed that 72% of consumers around the world are willing to pay more for products with packaging that brings sustainable benefits. When it comes to sustainability, they want companies which are investing in bettering the world, are clear about their efforts, and include them in the process. This creates a sense of inclusivity and a stronger bond between the brand and the consumers, who will more likely have a better overall shopping experience and a higher loyalty. Showing that you are investing in using recyclable packaging is undoubtedly a step forward for a more significant purpose.

5.Conforming to global and national regulations The European Union wants 55% of all plastic to be recycled by 2030, up from 30% today. This plan is even more critical after China banned the import of plastic waste since the beginning of 2018. For the European governments, the two main strategies to cope with this block are to incinerate or to dump plastic. Several member states are taking this as an opportunity to create a stronger market for secondary plastic and plastic waste. There are countries which have already achieved a more than good recycle rate. In Sweden, for example, more than 99% of all household waste is recycled in one way or another, and that can be considered a recycling revolution. Only 38% of Swedish household waste was recycled in 1975. How can you contribute and benefit from this? Listening to what your customers are asking for while promoting more cost-friendly products is like catching two birds with one stone. You win with either one, but you get even more by combining them together. An even better choice to get ahead the competition is not only choosing the best material and design but also combining it with the most convenient shape. In this case, we can recommend cosmetic tubes. Key facts about the global tube packaging market:
1.It is expected to reach US$10.96 billion by 2023;
2.It was valued at US$7.14 billion in 2017;
3.With a Compounded Average Growth Rate (CAGR) of 7.4% between 2018 and 2023; 4.In 2017, the European tube packaging market had the most significant share among other regions;
5.In European countries, there are over 45% of the tubes used in the personal care and cosmetics industry, in that 21% each in the toothpaste segment and the pharmaceutical industry; Based on the facts and the reasons we just saw, we can recommend you invest in more environmental-friendly cosmetic tubes. When doing so, it is essential to select a trustworthy and reliable manufacturer. Auber Packaging, for example,is anISO9001 certifiedcontract manufacturer offeringprivate label cosmetic tube packaging. They produce cosmetic tubes, private label plastic tubes, metal cosmetic tubes and aluminum plastic laminated tubes to be used in cosmetics, skincare, hair care, pharmaceutical, food, chemicals, medicine, painting, industrial use, and many more sectors. They can offer private label and contract packaging services, as well astube design, production, printing, labeling, hot-stamping, making orifice, foil seal or tail seal, assembling, delivery, and many more. In their 14 years as a manufacturer, they have served more than 100 customers from all over the world and have been praised for their strong modeling capability and short lead time. If you want the packaging of your product to be recyclable and still have the printing options of aluminum plastic laminated tubes (ABL), you can change to PBL tubes (Plastic laminated tubes)orPE (Polyethylene) tubes.PBL tube’s material is also made of PE, while it can be printed in flat and then welded. So you can still ask them to print the CMYK color model with very complicated designs.

Forbidden Joe


Don’t let anyone tell you folk isn’t cool. Auckland alt-folk 3 part Forbidden Joe includes the diverse musical backgrounds of Frances Dickinson, Emily Giles and Alex Borwick and the unique instrumentation of concertina, banjo, cello and trombone, to build an unprecedented modern day folk sound. Frances picked a few favourites on Felt and disclosed her crafty part - read the full story right here.

Sounds Crafty can be a special series of craft showcases picked by Kiwi musicians, bands and DJs, released throughout New Zealand Music Month. Offering Julia Deans, Urbantramper, Hikoikoi and Rosy Tin Teacaddy this year 2010, and previously featuring artists such as Minuit’s Ruth Carr, Nathan King, The Twitch’s Fleur Jack, singer/songwriter Flip Grater and Hera, Sounds Crafty delivers rhythm and craft alongside one another and realizes what NZ musos make of everything.

Which singer’s mosaic lion took satisfaction of place in her dad’s garage area? Which Kiwi muso secretly loves lacy coat hangers? These intriguing questions and more will get answered on Felt through the month of May. Stayed tuned!

Using Felt in Scrapbooking


Felt is an effective material for scrapbooking since it offers many colorings and it does not fray due to you cut. This characteristic makes it the best materials for Do-It-Yourself projects at home especially when making fun looking playthings and decorative features.

Actually, felt projects could be commemorate holidays and specialized situations in a family. The different strategies that you can develop for using felt are infinite. A flower, sensed flower topiary, some crazy coasters, experienced flower wreath, felt genome finger puppets, lollipops and mermaid costume are just some notable illustrations that persons are displaying on-line.

The best felt is woolen, although there are other varieties on sale. You should avoid relying on acrylic felts to create your crafts for the reason that material tends to stiffer and become extra see through. It generally does not layer well as well. Touching the felt may also feel itchy after a while. Nevertheless, it has one upside, which is usually its affordability which can be valuable when making a lot of things on a budget.

Tips for working with felt in scrapbooking

The great thing about felt crafts is that it takes a very small amount of time to create accurate representation of things and ideas. Also novice craft makers could be using experienced in scrapbooking. That is an excellent materials for the professional and the hobbyist. It offers the immediate benefits of since you have been in a position to accomplish a objective to create something adorable and oftentimes valuable beyond its aesthetic features.

Indeed, felt crafts certainly are a good method to demonstrate creativeness and make cute items that the rest of the family will love. This can be a money making venture because so various people are impressed and considering receiving coasters, cookies, daffodils and succulents or any various other felt craft, however the lack the time and resources to make one hence they prefer to get ready-made crafts. Getting experienced material can be easy and it’ll feel great in the side when you begin working with it. Creating a project by using a material that you love handling is usually a recipe for an incredible product. Besides, at the smallest amount, you only desire a pair of sharp scissors to create cuts. In addition, you possibly can make your project sophisticated by having sewing threads and needles in order that after cutting, you can incorporate different shapes to create all the suggestions offered earlier about coolest crafts that persons are showing online. On top of that, these types of projects can be fun for the whole family!

Additional felt crafts idea you can use now

One proven fact that never is out of manner is having felt flower refrigerator magnets. These could be made using experienced scraps that continue to be as waste products. After using different colorings of felt portions to come up with a sewn flower, connect a magnet disk on the backside employing craft glue and let it dry all night. From then on, the art could be hold on the refrigerator door as a decoration and it’ll always offer a charming feel to the area. These have just been a few of the many reasons and strategies for using sensed to create awesome searching crafts. Their uses happen to be home are so many and you only desire a little creativeness to locate something to make out of felt.

How to make felt flowers and other decorations


Felt flowers are created out of felt that is a special materials used for the craft works. The felt components are excellent for creating various attractive stuff like flowers and various other decorations. It involves fewer attempts from our side as felts are incredibly easy to use.

This article will let us know about making felt flowers and different decorations in an efficient and inexpensive approach with the felt products. Felt is available in various colorings and we can always opt for the desired color predicated on the decorative needs.

The materials necessary for creating a ornamental item out of sensed includes sensed, scissors, glue, pins, thread, and needle. The buttons and rhinestones works extremely well if desired for more decorations. There are several felt flower attractive items that could be crafted from felt. The next sections will talk about them briefly.

The easiest decorative flower created from felt is the rosette design. The felt needs to be lower in a circular condition. The size of the circle could be anything but it is suggested to be around three or four 4 in .. Next, the circle needs to be chop in a spiral style starting from any level in it. The cut needs to be continuing till we reach the guts of the circle. The center of the circle could have a little tab. Right now, the finish of the spiral (outside of the circle) should be found to roll till we reach the end of the spiral (within the circle). The tab at the guts will act as the bottom of the rosette flower.

After rolling the spiral, we must sew them layer by layer. The tab is the place where the sewing should begin. The sewing ought to be done until all of the layers of felt are covered. The amount of stitches will depend on the size of the flower. The felt materials can also be employed for creating embellishments for several accessories like baby sneakers, canvas bags, locks decoratives, etc.

The advantage of felt is based on the easiness of with them. The ornamental item created from felt can greatly improve the appears of our accessories. One particular approach to simple felt attractive item is that people cut the sensed into semi-circles of five. The semi-circle felts should be sewed together with the thread in the type of a flower. A bead can be utilized in the centre to improve the appears of the sensed decoration. There are numerous other decorations that you can do using felt. The sensed decorations can be done for various events like Valentine’s evening, Thanksgiving day, Xmas. The use of bright white, green and crimson felt materials can be used to decorate the Holiday tree. The desired shape can be cut from the sensation to create the required decoration for the Christmas tree. The felt materials can also be used to create the snowflake decorative models with the desired sizes and shapes.

Sometimes, the felt attractive items turn out to be a superb gift to our loved ones. Though they are often made, it involves creative imagination and attractive suggestions to create wonderful adornments from the felts.

How it works and start?


How it works?

  1. Talented people all over NZ (thousands of them!) make items and gift ideas and list them on the market on Felt
  2. Thoughtful and discerning shoppers (cough you) buy over the internet direct from the maker all the way through Felt
  3. Everyone wins and the environment becomes a bit better!
    The Felt platform supports people to showcase and sell their wares for a good price, and everything that you see on Felt has been listed by the individual (or people) who managed to get. You buy straight from their website, through Felt.

Business for good

We certainly are a social business, which means that we trade as being a regular business, but we conduct it to make the world a better place.
Our main regions of impact are:

  1. Supporting the livelihoods of regional creative people
  2. Local economies movement
  3. Sustainable production and consumption
  4. Get in contact if you’d like to learn about this!

Why shop local?

Every dollar spent with an area business goes around 2.6 times beyond the same dollar spent in big shops*. That is MASSIVE when it comes to doing good stuff for communities and the NZ economy. Felt as well encourages all makers to work with ethical and sustainable resources in their things, and actively promotes very high-quality and ethical things.

How did Felt begin?

Felt was founded found in 2007 by Lucy Arnold, after successfully advertising handmade merino armwarmers online while a hobby. Lucy is a graphic creator by job with a passion for cottage market and creative thinking. Unhappy with the idea of funds going offshore for no real reason, Sensed was founded around the perspective of a society which makes and sells because of its own good.

Al Fraser, The Woolshed Sessions


Wellington-centered musician and craftsperson Al Fraser is normally a guy of many talents. Along with accomplishing with indie folk group The Woolshed Sessions, he has his handcrafted taonga puoro (musical instruments of the Maori) with other Wellington bands, including Tahu and Rosy Tin Teacaddy.

Al shared a few of his favourites from Felt and his applying for grants craft - browse the full story in this article. Sounds Crafty is usually a special series of craft showcases picked by Kiwi musicians, bands and DJs, released throughout New Zealand Music Month. Offering Julia Deans, Urbantramper, Hikoikoi, Rosy Tin Teacaddy, Forbidden Joe, Mea Grenell and ROY G & the BIVinators in 2010 2010, and previously offering artists such as Minuit’s Ruth Carr, Nathan King, The Twitch’s Fleur Jack, singer/songwriter Flip Grater and Hera, Seems Crafty delivers rhythm and craft along and realizes what NZ musos label of it all.

Which Kiwi muso secretly loves lacy coat hangers? Which singer’s favourite handmade surprise was a sparkly handpainted telephone? These intriguing concerns and more will come to be answered on Felt during the month of May. Stayed tuned!

How to make your own felt?


Felt is living its renaissance today, and we are able to see more and more of felt clothing on runways and found in boutiques by indie designers. Felting is a great and easy approach to create your knitted projects stronger and unique looking.Below is a good discussion on how to create your own felt. Many people begin by creating felted slippers or a felted bag. All you have to is normally 100% wool yarn and a washing machine! Felted bags are probably the very easiest because all you have to to accomplish is knit a huge tube, sew up the bottom and then throw it in the washer. It’s that easy. When you felt something, it requires to be 100 percent wool, so be sure to check the yarn label or ask your neighborhood yarn store worker before you begin. Tell them that you’re likely to do a felting job.

Next, you’re going to want to make use of needles that are a lot larger than what you will usually use to obtain the gauge that you’ll acquire for knitting something. Let’s say I wanted to create felted mittens rather than regular mittens, which will be splendid. They’d be very, incredibly nice and you could very easily add other little designs. For worsted-fat yarn, instead of employing Size 7 needles, you would use something like Size 10s or 11s to create them, in order that there’s a lot of space among your stitches. When you’re all carried out, you just throw assembling your project in the washer with something bulky such as a pair of jeans, and if you’re concerned about it receiving ruined, you can zip it into just like a pillowcase if you wish. Make sure to add some detergent and set the washer on hot. Top-loading washers work very best for felting because it’s simple to check up on assembling your project as you move, to observe how it’s approaching along because you carry out have to watch it.

Stuff can felt a lot and quickly, just what exactly you’ll wish to accomplish is just have the ability to check up on it every occasionally. One cycle probably won’t be adequate, so after one cycle just take a look and simply take it out and observe how it looks. Once the stitches learn to disappear, it’s likely to felt quickly, so you want to monitor it after the stitches commence to disappear completely, and once they’re completely gone you’re done felting.

Otherwise, if you let it choose too much time, it will continue to felt, and you will have bullet-proof mittens instead of something that’s felted but still comfortable, so ensure you monitor enough time. Ten or fifteen minutes in the washer ought to be plenty, but make sure that the water is on hot. You’ll also want to avoid positioning it in the spin cycle or perhaps the dryer. Simply take it out when it’s wet, squeeze any normal water out and lay it out smooth to dry, and you may even shape it together with your hands or in the case of a tote or a bowl, you can condition it over something like a container or a container that you have in your kitchen, in order that when it dries it includes a really nice, even condition.

Afterward, you may embellish your felted project with the addition of buttons, a carrier strap, or even a little needle-felted design when you’re done. So give felting a try. It’s super easy!

How it works and start


Felt is the most favored materials of crafters. The texture of the material helps it be a very beautiful materials to craft with. The outcome of the crafts created from this cloth a smooth surface finish. There are various thing which can be created from this material. It is available in many hues and the texture can vary greatly however they all have an incredible feel to touch.

This material is utilized in the creation of many things that include kid’s toys of all type and many gift ideas and trinkets. The most frequent item produced with the utilization of felt may be stuff toys. Stuff toys and not simply stuff animals. These playthings may include, stuff animals, vehicle mobiles, stuff dolls and all of the extra that may accompany these toys. These can include clothes, pretend foodstuff, tools and living areas for these playthings. Toys such as puppets are made of this material aswell. Miniature versions of the playthings are used to make decorations and unique souvenirs for happenings like festivals. Felts happen to be also used to make by artists as a channel to express their creative talents.

There are several of the artists that utilize the sensed itself as the color that creates their portrait. This material is utilized in making every type of craft there may be due to the dynamics of the materials. It may be found in making small gifts and gift holders for just about any time. It can be used to make roses in the springtime time along with a great many other decorative portions to help celebrate the season. This material is used mostly in the Holiday season. It can be used widely and extremely as a decorative material. There are many Xmas decorations that are produced from this material. This consists of flowers, tree decorations, stockings and a bunch of various other decorations. This materials can be used to be sure clothing. Things such as baby shoes and kitchen mittens can be made of the fabric. Tiny present and trinket bag are another most loved craft that utilizes the use of the material. These bags could be of any size however the small sizes are preferred to be made. That is a material that’s smooth and relaxed to lay on. The materials is employed it the creation of particular pillows. This includes pillows for your couch and pillows for many other applications. This is a materials that is used seriously in the producing of kid’s costumes. The costumes could be for any event including plays and Halloween.

The effectiveness of the material together with the consistency and the diversity in colors obtainable make the felt an ideal material to create costumes out of. You can aquire the soft variant of the materials and you may get more rigid variants of the materials. With your options designed for this material helps it be just about the most diverse components used by crafters within productions. There are various products which can be produced from sensed and there are businesses that provide only felt made goods. If you’re looking to spend money on making crafts, this materials may be the best to start off with.

Different Types of Felt Available and Where to Purchase


Felt is a compact fabric well-liked by novice sewers, especially young types because it doesn’t fray or perhaps unravel. Felt can be a pretty decent material with regards to crafting, effective for home décor projects and also fashion. To make effective usage of felt, you need to understand the material, especially different types of felt available and where to acquire them.

Types of Felt

Felt is very simple to use; simple to sew, glue, trim and embellish. Obtainable in numerous colors, assuming you have never made use of felt, you might be astonished by the range you encounter out there, the most prominent types of sensed you are bound to encounter including the following:

  1. Craft

The term can be used to make reference to felt that’s completely synthetic. Man-made experienced of the sort can be crafted from a variety of products, this incorporating acrylic, rayon or polyester. Obtainable in numerous hues and formats, craft felt is simple to find, common in major craft retailers. Craft felt is normally purchased pre-cut in thin sheets; you have the choice to purchase it by the lawn. When you are undertaking a school task, children’s crafts, camp crafting or anything within these lines, you will see this artificial felt quite useful.

  1. Eco-Friendly

Eco-friendly felt is just about the product of decision in lots of circles, primarily as a result of the rising interest on the green movement everywhere. Eco-friendly felt is called consequently because it is manufactured using plastic bottles. When handled, eco-friendly felt doesn’t believe that different from polyester felt, though the texture is somewhat stiff. Obtainable in various hues and patterns, incorporating glitter, eco-friendly felt is very easy to find, not merely on the internet but in most main craft chains. One green alternative attracting the interest of felt-enthusiasts is a bamboo/rayon blend merchandise, though, the process of turning plant fibers into the bamboo thread isn’t especially green.

  1. Blended Wool

Blended wool felt is usually exactly what it appears like. Made from real wool, there happen to be two types of experienced in this category: 35%wool, 65%rayon blend and 20%wool, 80% rayon blend. You can instantly differentiate blended wool experienced from its numerous counterparts due to how soft and luxurious it feels. You can find blended wool sensed on the web and in craft retailers. The fact that it is normally available in an extraordinary one hundred colors or more pieces blended wool felt aside. This may explain why it really is so expensive.

  1. Wool

Wool felt is totally created from 100% wool. It really is purchased by the yard and you could expect to spend big money obtaining it. Wool felt includes a luxurious texture. Professionals use it for house décor projects. Obtainable online and in shops that sell fabric, wool felt can be a popular element popular, used to create hats, clothing and footwear to mention but a few.

  1. Needle Punch

That is less of a kind of felt and more of a method that makes make use of wool roving and needles to provide a distinctive decorative effect, especially for clothes. The kind of felt you choose will most likely be influenced by your budget and the specific purpose in store. Personal preferences are as well likely to play a crucial role.

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