Felt is a good material for scrapbooking because it offers many colors and it does not fray as you cut. This feature makes it the best material for Do-It-Yourself projects at home especially when making fun looking toys and decorative features. In fact, felt projects can be commemorate holidays and special events in a family. The different ideas that you can come up with for using felt are infinite. A flower, felt flower topiary, some crazy coasters, felt flower wreath, felt genome finger puppets, lollipops and mermaid costume are just some notable examples that people are displaying online.

The best felt is woolen, although there are other varieties on sale. You should avoid relying on acrylic felts to make your crafts because the material tends to stiffer and become more see through. It does not layer well too. Touching the felt can also feel itchy after a while. Nevertheless, it has one upside, which is its affordability that can be useful when making many things on a budget.

Tips for using felt in scrapbooking

The best thing about felt crafts is that it takes a very short time to come up with accurate representation of things and ideas. Even novice craft makers can be using felt in scrapbooking. This is an excellent material for the professional and the hobbyist. It offers the immediate rewards of seeing that you have been able to accomplish a mission to make something adorable and sometimes useful beyond its aesthetic features.

Indeed, felt crafts are a good way to demonstrate creativity and make cute things that the rest of the family will love. This can also be a money making venture because so many people are impressed and interested in getting coasters, cookies, daffodils and succulents or any other felt craft, but the lack the time and resources to make one so they prefer to buy ready-made crafts.

Getting felt material is also easy and it will feel good in the hand when you start working with it. Coming up with a project using a material that you enjoy handling is a recipe for an awesome product. Besides, at the bare minimum, you only need a pair of sharp scissors to make cuts. In addition, you can make your project complex by having sewing threads and needles so that after cutting, you can combine different shapes to come up with all the suggestions offered earlier about coolest crafts that people are showing online. Best of all, these types of projects can be fun for the whole family!

Additional felt crafts idea you can use now

One idea that never goes out of fashion is having felt flower refrigerator magnets. These can be made using felt scraps that remain as waste. After using different colors of felt pieces to come up with a sewn flower, attach a magnet disk on the backside using craft glue and then let it dry for hours. After that, the art can be hang on the refrigerator door as a decoration and it will always offer a charming feel to the room.

These have just been some of the many reasons and ideas for using felt to come up with awesome looking crafts. Their uses are home are so many and you only need a little imagination to find something to make out of felt.


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Using Felt in Scrapbooking