How to make felt flowers and other decorations


Felt flowers are made out of felt which is a special material used for the craft works. The felt materials are great for creating various decorative items like flowers and other decorations. It involves fewer efforts from our side as felts are very easy to work with. This article will let us know about making felt flowers and other decorations in an efficient and inexpensive way with the felt materials.


Felt is available in various colors and we can always choose the desired color based on the decorative purposes. The materials needed for creating a decorative item out of felt includes felt, scissors, glue, pins, thread, and needle. The buttons and rhinestones can be used if desired for additional decorations. There are various felt flower decorative items that can be made out of felt. The following sections will discuss them briefly.


The simplest decorative flower made from felt is the rosette pattern. The felt needs to be cut in a circular shape. The diameter of the circle can be anything but it is recommended to be around 3 or 4 inches. Next, the circle needs to be cut in a spiral pattern starting from any point in it. The cut needs to be continued till we reach the center of the circle. The middle of the circle will have a little tab. Now, the end of the spiral (outside of the circle) should be picked up to roll till we reach the end of the spiral (inside of the circle). The tab at the center will act as the base of the rosette flower. After rolling the spiral, we need to sew them layer by layer. The tab is the place where the sewing should begin. The sewing should be done until all the layers of felt are covered. The number of stitches depends on the size of the flower.


The felt material can also be used for creating embellishments for various accessories like baby shoes, canvas bags, hair decoratives, etc. The very advantage of felt lies in the easiness of using them. The decorative item made from felt can greatly improve the looks of our accessories. One such method of simple felt decorative item is that we cut the felt into semi-circles of five. The semi-circle felts need to be sewed together with the thread in the form of a flower. A bead can be used in the middle to improve the looks of the felt decoration.


There are various other decorations that can be done using felt. The felt decorations can be done for various occasions like Valentine’s day, Thanksgiving day, Christmas. The use of white, green and red felt material can be used to decorate the Christmas tree. The desired shape can be cut from the feeling to create the required decoration for the Christmas tree. The felt material can also be used to design the snowflake decorative designs with the desired shapes and sizes. Sometimes, the felt decorative items turn out to be a great gift to our loved ones. Though they are easily made, it involves creativity and attractive ideas to create wonderful decorations from the felts.

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How to make felt flowers and other decorations