Felt is a compact fabric favored by novice sewers, especially young ones because it doesn’t fray or unravel. Felt is a pretty decent material when it comes to crafting, effective for home décor projects as well as fashion.felt

To make effective use of felt, you must understand the material, specifically the different types of felt available and where to purchase them.

+Types of Felt

Felt is very easy to use; easy to sew, glue, cut and embellish. Available in numerous colors, if you have never made use of felt, you might be surprised by the variety you encounter on the market, the most prominent types of felt you are bound to come across including the following:


The term is used to refer to felt that is completely synthetic. Man-made felt of this sort can be crafted from a variety of materials, this including acrylic, rayon or polyester. Available in numerous colors and formats, craft felt is easy to find, common in major craft stores.

Craft felt is typically purchased pre-cut in thin sheets; you have the option to purchase it by the yard. If you are undertaking a school project, children’s crafts, camp crafting or anything within these lines, you will find this synthetic felt quite useful.


Eco-friendly felt has become the product of choice in many circles, primarily because of the rising interest in the green movement all over the world. Eco-friendly felt is called so because it is made using recycled plastic bottles.

When handled, eco-friendly felt doesn’t feel that different from polyester felt, though the texture is somewhat stiff. Available in various colors and patterns, including glitter, eco-friendly felt is very easy to find, not only on the internet but in most major craft chains.

One green option attracting the interest of felt-enthusiasts is a bamboo/rayon blend product, though, the process of turning plant fibers into the bamboo thread isn’t particularly green.

-Blended Wool

Blended wool felt is exactly what it sounds like. Made from actual wool, there are two types of felt in this category: 35%wool, 65%rayon blend and 20%wool, 80% rayon blend. You can immediately differentiate blended wool felt from its various counterparts because of how soft and luxurious it feels.

You can find blended wool felt on the internet and in craft stores. The fact that it is available in an impressive one hundred colors or more sets blended wool felt apart. This might explain why it is so expensive.


Wool felt is completely made from 100% wool. It is sold by the yard and you can expect to spend a lot of money acquiring it. Wool felt has a luxurious texture. Professionals use it for home décor projects. Available online and in retail stores that sell fabrics, wool felt is a popular element in fashion, used to make hats, clothes and footwear to mention but a few.

-Needle Punch

This is less of a type of felt and more of a technique that makes use of wool roving and needles to deliver a unique decorative effect, especially for clothes.

The type of felt you choose will most likely be impacted by your budget and the specific purpose you have in mind. Personal preferences are also likely to play an important role.

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Different Types of Felt Available (and Where to Purchase)