How to make your own felt

Felt is living its renaissance today, and we can see more and more of felt apparel on runways and in boutiques by indie designers.
Felting is a fun and easy way to make your knitted projects more durable and unique looking.Below is a discussion on how to make your own felt.
Many people start out by creating felted slippers or a felted bag. All you need is 100% wool yarn and a washing machine! Felted bags are probably the very easiest because all you need to do is knit a giant tube, sew up the bottom and then throw it in the washing machine. It’s that easy.
When you felt something, it needs to be 100 percent wool, so make sure to check the yarn label or ask your local yarn store employee before you begin. Tell them that you’re going to do a felting project. Next, you’re going to want to use needles that are a lot bigger than what you would usually use to obtain the gauge that you would get for knitting something.
Let’s say I wanted to make felted mittens instead of regular mittens, which would be lovely. They’d be very, very warm and you could easily add other little designs. For worsted-weight yarn, instead of using Size 7 needles, you would use something like Size 10s or 11s to make them, so that there’s a lot of space in between your stitches. When you’re all done, you just throw your project in the washing machine with something bulky like a pair of jeans, and if you’re worried about it getting ruined, you can zip it into like a pillowcase if you want.
Make sure to add some detergent and put the washing machine on hot. Top-loading washers work best for felting because it’s easy to check on your project as you go, to see how it’s coming along because you do need to watch it. Things can felt a lot and quickly, so what you’ll want to do is just be able to check on it every once in a while. One cycle probably won’t be enough, so after one cycle just check it out and just take it out and see how it looks.
Once the stitches start to disappear, it’s going to felt quickly, so you want to keep an eye on it once the stitches start to go away, and once they’re all the way gone you’re done felting. Otherwise, if you let it go too long, it will continue to felt, and you will have bullet-proof mittens instead of something that’s felted but still comfortable, so make sure you keep an eye on the time. Ten or fifteen minutes in the washing machine should be plenty, but make sure that the water is on hot.
You’ll also want to avoid putting it in the spin cycle or the dryer. Just take it out when it’s wet, squeeze any water out and lay it out flat to dry, and you can even shape it with your hands or in the case of a bag or a bowl, you can shape it over something like a box or a container that you have in your kitchen, so that when it dries it has a really nice, even shape.
Afterward, you can embellish your felted project by adding buttons, a bag strap, or even a little needle-felted design when you’re done. So give felting a try. It’s super easy!


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How to make felt flowers and other decorations

How to make felt flowers and other decorations


Felt flowers are made out of felt which is a special material used for the craft works. The felt materials are great for creating various decorative items like flowers and other decorations. It involves fewer efforts from our side as felts are very easy to work with. This article will let us know about making felt flowers and other decorations in an efficient and inexpensive way with the felt materials.


Felt is available in various colors and we can always choose the desired color based on the decorative purposes. The materials needed for creating a decorative item out of felt includes felt, scissors, glue, pins, thread, and needle. The buttons and rhinestones can be used if desired for additional decorations. There are various felt flower decorative items that can be made out of felt. The following sections will discuss them briefly.


The simplest decorative flower made from felt is the rosette pattern. The felt needs to be cut in a circular shape. The diameter of the circle can be anything but it is recommended to be around 3 or 4 inches. Next, the circle needs to be cut in a spiral pattern starting from any point in it. The cut needs to be continued till we reach the center of the circle. The middle of the circle will have a little tab. Now, the end of the spiral (outside of the circle) should be picked up to roll till we reach the end of the spiral (inside of the circle). The tab at the center will act as the base of the rosette flower. After rolling the spiral, we need to sew them layer by layer. The tab is the place where the sewing should begin. The sewing should be done until all the layers of felt are covered. The number of stitches depends on the size of the flower.


The felt material can also be used for creating embellishments for various accessories like baby shoes, canvas bags, hair decoratives, etc. The very advantage of felt lies in the easiness of using them. The decorative item made from felt can greatly improve the looks of our accessories. One such method of simple felt decorative item is that we cut the felt into semi-circles of five. The semi-circle felts need to be sewed together with the thread in the form of a flower. A bead can be used in the middle to improve the looks of the felt decoration.


There are various other decorations that can be done using felt. The felt decorations can be done for various occasions like Valentine’s day, Thanksgiving day, Christmas. The use of white, green and red felt material can be used to decorate the Christmas tree. The desired shape can be cut from the feeling to create the required decoration for the Christmas tree. The felt material can also be used to design the snowflake decorative designs with the desired shapes and sizes. Sometimes, the felt decorative items turn out to be a great gift to our loved ones. Though they are easily made, it involves creativity and attractive ideas to create wonderful decorations from the felts.

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Using Felt in Scrapbooking

Felt is a good material for scrapbooking because it offers many colors and it does not fray as you cut. This feature makes it the best material for Do-It-Yourself projects at home especially when making fun looking toys and decorative features. In fact, felt projects can be commemorate holidays and special events in a family. The different ideas that you can come up with for using felt are infinite. A flower, felt flower topiary, some crazy coasters, felt flower wreath, felt genome finger puppets, lollipops and mermaid costume are just some notable examples that people are displaying online.

The best felt is woolen, although there are other varieties on sale. You should avoid relying on acrylic felts to make your crafts because the material tends to stiffer and become more see through. It does not layer well too. Touching the felt can also feel itchy after a while. Nevertheless, it has one upside, which is its affordability that can be useful when making many things on a budget.

Tips for using felt in scrapbooking

The best thing about felt crafts is that it takes a very short time to come up with accurate representation of things and ideas. Even novice craft makers can be using felt in scrapbooking. This is an excellent material for the professional and the hobbyist. It offers the immediate rewards of seeing that you have been able to accomplish a mission to make something adorable and sometimes useful beyond its aesthetic features.

Indeed, felt crafts are a good way to demonstrate creativity and make cute things that the rest of the family will love. This can also be a money making venture because so many people are impressed and interested in getting coasters, cookies, daffodils and succulents or any other felt craft, but the lack the time and resources to make one so they prefer to buy ready-made crafts.

Getting felt material is also easy and it will feel good in the hand when you start working with it. Coming up with a project using a material that you enjoy handling is a recipe for an awesome product. Besides, at the bare minimum, you only need a pair of sharp scissors to make cuts. In addition, you can make your project complex by having sewing threads and needles so that after cutting, you can combine different shapes to come up with all the suggestions offered earlier about coolest crafts that people are showing online. Best of all, these types of projects can be fun for the whole family!

Additional felt crafts idea you can use now

One idea that never goes out of fashion is having felt flower refrigerator magnets. These can be made using felt scraps that remain as waste. After using different colors of felt pieces to come up with a sewn flower, attach a magnet disk on the backside using craft glue and then let it dry for hours. After that, the art can be hang on the refrigerator door as a decoration and it will always offer a charming feel to the room.

These have just been some of the many reasons and ideas for using felt to come up with awesome looking crafts. Their uses are home are so many and you only need a little imagination to find something to make out of felt.


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Oh, the Things You Can Make With Felt!

Felt Crafts

Felt is the most favored material of crafters. The texture of the material makes it a very beautiful material to craft with. The end result of the crafts made from this fabric a smooth finish. There are many thing that can be made from this material. It is available in many colors and the texture may vary but they all have an amazing feel to the touch. This material is used in the production of many things that include kid’s toys of all type and many gifts and trinkets.

The most common item made with the use of felt may be stuff toys. Stuff toys and not just stuff animals. These toys may include, stuff animals, auto mobiles, stuff dolls and all the extra that may accompany any of these toys. These may include clothes, pretend food, tools and living areas for these toys. Toys such as puppets are made from this material as well. Miniature versions of these toys are used to make decorations and special souvenirs for events like festivals.

Felts are also used to make by artists as a medium to express their artistic talents. There are many of these artists that use the felt itself as the paint that creates their portrait. This material is used in making every type of craft there might be because of the dynamics of the material. It may be used in making small gifts and gift holders for any season. It can be used to make roses in the spring time along with many other decorative pieces to help celebrate the season.

This material is used mostly in the Christmas season. It is used widely and highly as a decorative material. There are many Christmas decorations that are made from this material. This includes flowers, tree decorations, stockings and a host of other decorations. This material can be used to make certain clothing. Things like baby shoes and kitchen mittens can be constructed from the fabric. Small present and trinket bag are another favorite craft that utilizes the use of the material. These bags may be of any size but the smaller sizes are preferred to be made.

This is a material that is smooth and comfortable to lay on. The material is used it the production of certain pillows. This includes pillows for your couch and pillows for many other applications. This is a material that is used heavily in the making of kid’s costumes. The costumes can be for any event including plays and Halloween. The strength of the material along with the texture and the diversity in colors available make the felt the perfect material to make costumes out of. You can get the soft version of the material and you can get more rigid versions of the material. With the options available for this material makes it one of the most diverse materials used by crafters in there productions. There are many products that can be produced from felt and there are businesses that offer only felt made products. If you are looking to invest in making crafts, this material may be the best to start off with.

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Different Types of Felt Available (and Where to Purchase)

Felt is a compact fabric favored by novice sewers, especially young ones because it doesn’t fray or unravel. Felt is a pretty decent material when it comes to crafting, effective for home décor projects as well as fashion.felt

To make effective use of felt, you must understand the material, specifically the different types of felt available and where to purchase them.

+Types of Felt

Felt is very easy to use; easy to sew, glue, cut and embellish. Available in numerous colors, if you have never made use of felt, you might be surprised by the variety you encounter on the market, the most prominent types of felt you are bound to come across including the following:


The term is used to refer to felt that is completely synthetic. Man-made felt of this sort can be crafted from a variety of materials, this including acrylic, rayon or polyester. Available in numerous colors and formats, craft felt is easy to find, common in major craft stores.

Craft felt is typically purchased pre-cut in thin sheets; you have the option to purchase it by the yard. If you are undertaking a school project, children’s crafts, camp crafting or anything within these lines, you will find this synthetic felt quite useful.


Eco-friendly felt has become the product of choice in many circles, primarily because of the rising interest in the green movement all over the world. Eco-friendly felt is called so because it is made using recycled plastic bottles.

When handled, eco-friendly felt doesn’t feel that different from polyester felt, though the texture is somewhat stiff. Available in various colors and patterns, including glitter, eco-friendly felt is very easy to find, not only on the internet but in most major craft chains.

One green option attracting the interest of felt-enthusiasts is a bamboo/rayon blend product, though, the process of turning plant fibers into the bamboo thread isn’t particularly green.

-Blended Wool

Blended wool felt is exactly what it sounds like. Made from actual wool, there are two types of felt in this category: 35%wool, 65%rayon blend and 20%wool, 80% rayon blend. You can immediately differentiate blended wool felt from its various counterparts because of how soft and luxurious it feels.

You can find blended wool felt on the internet and in craft stores. The fact that it is available in an impressive one hundred colors or more sets blended wool felt apart. This might explain why it is so expensive.


Wool felt is completely made from 100% wool. It is sold by the yard and you can expect to spend a lot of money acquiring it. Wool felt has a luxurious texture. Professionals use it for home décor projects. Available online and in retail stores that sell fabrics, wool felt is a popular element in fashion, used to make hats, clothes and footwear to mention but a few.

-Needle Punch

This is less of a type of felt and more of a technique that makes use of wool roving and needles to deliver a unique decorative effect, especially for clothes.

The type of felt you choose will most likely be impacted by your budget and the specific purpose you have in mind. Personal preferences are also likely to play an important role.

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